Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Super Suit...Not Your Average Super Hero Look...

The Ultimate Super Suit...or Super Hero Suit..
There is a lot of conjecture on what “super” means in suit descriptions. Suits are often tagged “Super 120s” or “Super 150s” etc. To this point in my career, I have heard hundreds of possible explanations. Basic or extensive research will render several results as to the origin and meaning of this term in suiting. This post is not about origin or meaning. This post is to tell you that if there is that much confusion about something it is unlikely that it is used congruently by everyone. This post is to tell you to stop relying so heavily on a term. The term “super” has become somewhat of a barometer for quality and nothing further. There are brands, like Loro Piana and Dormeuil, that use the term with conviction and mean it. These brands do not simply slap a label on something and call it “super”. However, most brands use the term as a marketing tool. My suggestion is to rely more on fabrics (hand or feel of the garment and how it lays), gram weight (300 grams is considered a winter suit and below 270 is considered a summer suit), mill (the better the mill, typically, the better the product produced), and construction (full canvas v. half canvas, is the suit hand made, etc.) than the term “super”.
An Everyday Super Suit Look