Monday, April 8, 2013

3 PCs and DBs, Suits for Thought...

3 Piece Suit on "Suits" actor Gabriel Macht
There are two look questions we get on a daily basis. People ask "are double breasted suits back?" and “are people wearing a 3-piece suit again?” The answer to both questions is a resounding YES. Most older individuals will tell you that everything that goes will come back, in fashion at least. Fashion starts on runways as a fledgling idea or an ornate concept and then progresses into the mainstream very slowly. When major conventional manufacturers, like Ralph Lauren, are featuring 3-piece suits and DBs (double-breasted) in their RTW (ready to wear) lines the concept has gone mainstream. This also means that the look is back in full force. (Just so you know, these looks have been back for a few years) The next question becomes how to wear them. The simple answer is SLIM.

DBs have one common problem. The fact the jacket buttons across makes it larger through the mid section making even the trimmest individuals look as if Thanksgiving was the day before. The way to rectify the problem is to get a slim cut which most manufacturers sell. We recommend a wide stripe in a DB or a solid. The 3-piece has more options and more looks. Many people wear an opposing vest to the suit material or color. Other people combine the two concepts and get a double breasted vest under their suit. Try one or the other and you will be in fashion, on trend, and hopefully living well.

Stay classy.