Monday, August 26, 2013

How to Build Your Golf Wardrobe…

Recently I read a Golf Digest article that suggested you do not need “golf clothing” and  to just “dress casual”. Here at Les Richards, golf is a major part of our lives and even at varying skill levels golf clothing is important. A regular polo will not flex or stretch. Additionally, regular cotton or linen pants will not flex the same way performance pants from brands like Puma and Callaway will. Golf shorts and polos from top brands will also wick sweat and keep you cool while you play. For both performance and comfort, golf clothing is important to own.

Here is what to buy…

1. Two pair of performance golf shorts in a solid basic color like black or blue from Puma, Callaway, Oakley, Nike, etc.

2. One pair of performance golf pants in solid black.

3. One reversible belt black on one side and white on the other.

4. Three performance golf polos and make them colorful (think Rickie Fowler or Bubba Watson).

5. A great pair of golf spikes. Nike and Adidas have more sneaker like spikes available that look great and are extremely comfortable. Although Footjoy is a comfort king and a go to brand in spikes.