Monday, April 8, 2013

A Few Words on the Tux

It is truly the time of year when business in men’s clothing changes from outerwear and suiting to servicing weddings and prom. For many men, this means either renting or buying a tuxedo.  Here are some rules to apply when it comes to choosing a Tux.


The same rules apply in style for a suit as they do for a tuxedo.  Our suggestions tend to steer people towards the classier and more sophisticated simplistic looks in formal wear.  We recommend peak, notch, or shawl in a one or two button, with side vents, flat front pants, and no cuffs.


In the shirt, one can wear either a wing collar or lay down collar with either a bow tie or traditional tie. However, more and more people are wearing shirts without the pleats in both wing and lay down collars. It looks cleaner.


Traditionally, a person would wear a cummerbund and a button stance that was lower with a single button along with wearing tails; a look you won't see often these days. Celebrities often wear a tuxedo with a plain front fitted dress shirt with a bow tie and without a cummerbund or vest. This is now the definition of clean and classy when it comes to formal wear.

Some Prom Advice:

Prom is an animal. The moment will likely be the most important one in any young individuals life until anything of any significance happens in college, but until then it’s the biggest deal ever. That being said, we place a lot of weight on making sure young men look good. Color is king in prom season and matching the dates dress with the vest and tie is still a popular concept. However, more and more young gentlemen are buying suits and just dressing well for prom. This has always been our suggestion because if you look good and so does your date that should be all that matters.  Also, rental prices have risen significantly often nearing $200 when a shoe is necessary. Therefore, for similar money a young man can and should get a full outfit he owns.

Searching for Color:

There are two things that will be quite hard to find in either search of the perfect attire for Prom or a Wedding; a tuxedo in a color other than black or white and a wing collar tuxedo shirt without pleats. For either option, we suggest having the garment custom made. If that is not an option unfortunately a person may have to acquiesce a little because these two common requests are incredibly hard to find on a shelf.

Stay classy.