Monday, April 29, 2013

How to Tie the Bow Tie

How do you tie a bow tie? It’s a question I receive almost daily. It is normally followed by a long explanation about how the person has been practicing and just can’t get it right. My suggestion is to go to Youtube and search “how to tie a bowtie” and watch the video. This makes it easier because you can pause and review each step. My other suggestion is to use a mirror so a smart phone would be the best tool to use. However, if you don’t trust Youtube or you are a genius who can convert simple words into bowtie magic I will offer the step by step here.

  1. Adjust the bow tie to a width smaller than your neck size.
    1. The bow tie will stretch due to the nature of how it is tied. At first you may want to tie the bow tie at your normal neck size but as you tie it smaller and tighter you will make the length shorter.
  2. Put the bow tie around your neck.
  3. Make the left side hang approximately 1 ½” longer than the right.
  4. Fold the left side over the right then underneath and pull it tight to your neck.
  5. Take the side in your left hand with your thumb and fore finger and fold it into the ribbon shape.
  6. Take the right side and put the skinny piece of the tie and place it over the middle of the ribbon folded section.
  7. Then use your thumb of your left hand to push the portion in your left hand folded through the hole created between the right side of the bow tie and the original fold on your neck.
  8. Finally, use the folded ends (known as on the bite) to tighten down the bow tie to the desired size.
There is a link to a video to help you with this. If you want an in store display stop by LR2. 

Stay Classy.

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