Saturday, May 25, 2013

Suits 101 - Men's Suit Lapel Styles


Men’s fashion is normally a slow moving beast, but today things are starting to speed up. The dress code for work has gone casual and the closet has been filled with unstructured suits and sport coats. News happens in a far away country and we can report it via Twitter before its in the hands of CNN or the Huffington Post. So if this means men’s fashion is starting to react a little quicker we should be telling you what’s next. 

In suits, the next big thing is a wider lapel. I want to stress that just the LAPEL is getting wider and not the suit. Pleats and larger jackets have been seen on runways for brands like Burberry (Prorsum) but this will not go main stream. Slim fit, two button, side vent is the template. However, a ticket or hacking pocket and a wider lapel are certainly welcome to the party. 

Most lapels are between 2 ¾” and 3 ¼” wide. Now lapels up to 5” are in stock and in style. Tom Ford would tell you that this is old hat and for him it is. The wardrobe team for the popular show “Suits” would tell you the same thing (See Harvey Specter). However, everyone else is just getting on board with wider lapels, 3-piece suits, and double breasted jackets.

Stay Classy

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Suits 101-Matching with your Classic Suit Colors

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People often ask what matches with navy, grey, or black. The simple answer is everything. The long answer that always follows involves proving to people that everything, including pastel colors, match. Think about a suit like the paint on your car. The paint is on the outside and now you get to choose the interior (shirt and tie). Black Porsche, black rims, yellow calipers, red seats. What I just described is outlandish, but the colors work because the backdrop, the paint, is basic. 
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In suiting, solid black, grey, and navy are the most basic options. Navy and grey are the real winners though. The reason why is unless you are at the height of confidence (not fashion) you should not wear black and brown together. However, blue and grey can be worn with brown and black shoes and therefore with almost anything. This is also the reason why we suggest people purchase either a grey or navy suit for their first interview or first suit. So, for our sake and your own, stop asking what matches grey and navy and start thinking about what you would like to wear. 

Stay Classy.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Prom Suit

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Prom is right around the corner for millions of young Americans. Gentlemen need to be dressed well in order to match their date, but specifically matching their date is a thing of the past. If she wears a blue dress you do not need to wear a blue vest and blue tie. A classy black and white tuxedo or suit combination will always work. Here is what we recommend

  • Classic grey, navy or black suit. 
  • Fitted shirt in solid white or blue or a pastel gingham check.
  • A solid, small pattern or striped tie that picks up color in the shirt.

Invest in a Suit, Don't Rent

Renting a tuxedo is costly as previously mentioned in a post below. A tuxedo rental with shoes can cost upwards of $200, but normally costs between $125 and $175. For the same price, a young man can buy his shirt, tie and probably a better shoe than you can rent. The suit should set you back a few hundred more, but thinking long term, it will be beneficial to purchase.

A Good Suit Will take you from Prom to College/Internship Interviews

Senior prom normally means college starts in the fall and local schools like Drexel have co-op programs that will require freshmen to have at least 1 suit. So buy a solid navy, grey, or black suit. Any of these options will work for prom and interviews later on. Suits should act as a template. Once you have your basic suit you can really step out with your shirt and tie combination. It is prom and therefore color is key. You can also get away with the crazy suit (someone will wear duct tape). However, this article is for the modern, enterprising young man who has the foresight to realize that a sharp suit and tie combination are classier than a grey tuxedo and a purple shirt. So wear a suit or tux and dress classy and clean. Throw in a pocket square. Think Justin Timberlake “Suit and Tie” not LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem” and you will be the one “they” swoon for (whoever they is). 

Stay classy young gentlemen.