Saturday, March 23, 2013

Making a Statement with Bold Menswear Trends

People always ask us about the latest trends in men’s clothing.  I hope to offer some suggestions on a weekly basis through this blog. Recently I visited Miami and realized that prints in men’s sports shirts and different color chinos are a good look and really hot right now. In places like Miami, fashion favors the bold, but the looks that are popular in Miami can be pulled off by anyone in the Northeast. 
A print in a shirt does not have to be a bold paisley or a loud multi-stripe. A print can be as simple as a tight small polka dot pattern. This type of small pattern harkens back to the UK fashion influence we first felt in full force in the 1960’s. The cool thing about that is “heritage” is a major men’s fashion movement right now. So, by itself, a unique small pattern or tight polka dot would be a vintage look. Unfortunately, we cannot just wear a shirt by itself and a small pattern shirt is pretty safe. A brightly colored pant is not. However, there is a starter course in colored slacks. Try a pair of light slate grey chinos or rust color. The advantage to these two colors is they are quite similar to what you already wear and are also very stylish. With a small patterned shirt and a funky slack color you’ll be in style on so many levels. 

Bespoken Spring 2013