Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Les Richards Style Advice on What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

It’s that time of year where all of us have a grocery list worth of friends tying the knot. If you are in the wedding the attire is pretty simple. In order to help out the groom, you should go to a store that makes custom suits and get a jacket measurement, waist measurement, neck measurement, sleeve measurement, and an outseam measurement at the very least. However, most of us are just attending the wedding and this article is for you.

There are two very popular suit options that work great for a summer event. A light grey or light blue suit is where I would start. Jack Victor has a light grey and a light blue pinstripe that would serve as a great template. There are some other brands that have great affordable options in those color palates like H&M, J. Crew, and Banana Republic. At the higher end of things, there are great light grey options available in Versace and for light blue try Etro or Tom Ford.

The shirt and tie for a wedding can be fun. Light color suits match anything and pastel colors in blue, lavender, and pink are a great look. We recommend mini-checks in any pastel color. Check out brands like Hugo Boss, Facconable, and Ted Baker for great checks and multi-color vertical stripes. The tie to match should be either a solid in a brighter color, a stripe in a color that matches the shirt color, or a miniature pattern.

The shoe and belt should match and the shoe color should be lighter if possible. Black matches both light grey and blue and so does brown, but the color of choice is tan. Some people call this color cognac or British tan but nonetheless it is the shoe color. Allen Edmonds makes a few great options. Check out the Strand and the Flatiron in what they call Walnut. Mezlan has a few great options as well, but then again so does Alden, Boss, Cole Haan, and several others. As always if there are any additional question feel free to email us. 

Stay Classy.